Your complete guide to Scientific Papers

Mentor :                                                                                                                                                                          

Dr. Qais Yousef
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering/ Industrial Automation Systems and Swarm Intelligence

Mobile: +962-795037290


Course Details:                                                                                                                                                              

  •  Overview: 

In this course, students will gain the required knowledge and skill to write quality Review papers for school and/or publishing purposes. The main structure of a Review paper will be presented and discussed in detail. Additionally, students will be presented with the fundamental requirements for any quality scientific research in a step-by-step manner where each student will be worked with individually to start producing a short respected Scientific Paper. 

  • Total Time:

20 Hours – 2 Session a week.  

Workshop Sessions:                                                                                                                                                      

  • This comprehensive course will be covered over 7 sessions as detailed below.   

o 1st Session (2-hrs. long): Overview and Introduction into Scientific Papers: In this session, an overview of the course will be presented. Students will be briefed about the requirements of the course. A quick introduction into scientific Papers definition and structure will also be covered in this session.  

o 2nd Session (3-hrs. long): How to Choose a Topic, Research it and Summarize Other Works Students will learn how to choose a topic of a Scientific Paper based on the latest and hottest topics of a particular field :They will also learn how to research their chosen topic and how to summarize previous works/papers to utilize those summaries in their Scientific Papers.   

o 3rd Session (3-hrs. long): Detailed Structure of a Scientific Paper: Title & Abstract  In this session, detailed explanations of the first two parts of a Scientific Paper will be presented. Several examples will be shown and discussed with the students. Starting this session, the learned skills will be applied to a class-shared Review paper(s) that covers a topic chosen by the mentor.  

o 4th Session (3-hrs. long): Detailed Structure of a Scientific Paper: Introduction & Body: The 3rd and the 4th parts of a Review paper which covers the Introduction and the Body of it will be presented in this session. Students will be supervised to continue applying the learned knowledge of this session on the class-shared Scientific Paper(s).  

o 5th Session (3-hrs. long): Detailed Structure of a Scientific Paper: Conclusion & Future Work: The 5th and the final main parts of a Scientific Paper will be covered in this session. These include the Conclusion and the Future Work sections. The class-shared Scientific Paper(s) will be further updated with these two parts.    

o 6th Session (3-hrs. long): IEEE Template for Scientific Papers: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) template for Scientific Papers will be presented and discussed in this session as an example of the most commonly used template in the Jordanian universities.  

o 7th Session (3-hrs. long): How to Present a Scientific Paper: In the last session, students will learn how to properly prepare presentation slides of their Scientific Papers and how to present them in front of the class. Students will be given the opportunity to further discuss the course and submit their final assignments for additional feedback.


  • Each student will be assigned a short Review paper (aside from the class-shared paper) to work on at home and is required to submit a part of it at the beginning of every session starting the 4th session. The submitted assignments will be discussed in the next session with each student individually. 
  •  Questions and discussions are highly encouraged during class.  


  •  Each student MUST bring in a laptop with Windows OS installed on as well as Microsoft Office or Apache OpenOffice to every class session.

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