Python for Researcher


Dr. Saleem Al-Ali

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering/ Artificial Intelligence Systems

Mobile: +962-795037290



Course Details: 

  • Overview:

This course is for researchers and model developers to enrich them with comprehensive knowledge that allows them to be able to work with models, design them and analyze them. Each student will be worked with individually to start producing a respected project.

  • Total Time:

30 Hours – 9 Sessions, around 3 hours long each.

Workshop Sessions:

  •  This comprehensive course will be covered over 9 sessions. The main topic are as below:

1. Introduction to Python

2. Python Basics

3. Python Variables

4. Input and Output

5. If...Then...Else

6. Loops

7. Collections

8. Functions

9. Error Handling

10. Basic Object-Oriented Programming

11. Object Inheritance

12. Unit Testing

13. Deploying Python on GCE

14. Connecting to SQL Databases

15. Importing Data from various sources

16. Database Input (Connecting to database)

17. Viewing Data objects - subsetting, methods

18. Exporting Data to various formats

19. Cleansing Data with Python

20. Data Manipulation steps

21. Data manipulation tools

22. Python Built-in Functions

23. Python User Defined Functions

24. Stripping out extraneous information

25. Normalizing data

26. Formatting data

27. Important Python Packages for data 

28. Manipulation

29. Introduction exploratory data analysis

30. Descriptive statistics, Frequency Tables and summarization

31. Univariate Analysis

32. Bivariate Analysis

33. Creating Graphs

34. Important Packages for Exploratory Analysis

  • Complete project will be assigned for students in each session, (aside from the class-shared projects) to work on at home, and is required to submit it at the beginning of every session starting from the 2nd session. The submitted assignments will be discussed in the next session with each student individually.
  • Questions and discussions are highly encouraged during class.  


  •  Each student MUST bring in a laptop with Windows OS installed on to every class session.  


Prepared by: ATIT Academy