Parallel Computing with MATLAB Course

Parallel Computing with MATLAB Course
Only in Ramadan !
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50% discount for Parallel Computing with MATLAB Course !

ATIT Academy announces a special discount for students for the course Parallel Computing with MATLAB.

This course will be online via Skype and TeamViewer in a smart room with high-quality equipment, so the students can interact with the teacher as if he was in the academy!


Terms & Conditions:

  1. To reserve the seat you must register and pay during the discount period

  2. A smart room equipped with high-quality equipment

  3. Appointments will be set in the first lecture to suit everyone

  4. The ability to register online via Skype and Teamviewer

  5. Each student will get a certificate signed and stamped by the Academy at the end of the course.

  6. The possibility of taking the course (Private) so that the student can choose the appropriate papers for his/her specialization and research

This offer is available during Ramadan only, be quick to register and book your seat now!

Course outlines :​

This comprehensive workshop will be covered over 2 sessions as detailed below:

  • What Is Parallel Computing?
  • Choose a Parallel Computing Solution
  • Interactively Run a Loop in Parallel Using parfor
  • Run Batch Parallel Jobs
  • Scale Up parfor-Loops to Cluster and Cloud
  • Create and Use Distributed Arrays
  • Identify and Select a GPU Device
  • Asynchronous Parallel Programming
  • Evaluate Functions in the Background Using parfeval
  • Performance Profiling
  • Parallel Profiler and Code Improvement
  • Benchmarks
  • Interactive Parallel Development (pmode)